title_InstasntMask Instant_Mask :: It is Unity3D Asset that smooth Masking image

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Instant Mask is mask the image such as MeshRenderer and SpriteRenderer, UnityGUI, Particle.
An image is cut or mede hole shape of other one image.
It can express a smoothly semi-transparent mask such as anti-aliase and gradation!


  • Mask with Alpha or Grayscale texture
  • Can each adjustable such as Position, Rotation, Size, degree of Masking etc.
  • Up to three mask images apply to one base image in same time
  • Dynamically create a mask image, or can also export masked image file
  • Not increase the excess load, Batches and SetPass(DrawCalls) always in 1 at one object
  • Easy setup and easy use
  • Written in C# and comes as full source code for you


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Release Notes

(Only major Update)
[Ver 1.1]
With shader and particle, multiple masks apply in same time [Ver 1.0]