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jInput easily add input management system(It is also called Input Mapping, Key Config, Key Assign) in your Game. It is possible to assign any input device for any operation freely. You do not have to worry to difference of behavior Axis/Key/Button. jInput will remove obstacles between your Game and player input device!


First, please try the Demo here!


You can also try the feeling of use on Unity with Trial version UnityPackage that limited functions.
It is written on ReadMe text in that about limited functions and so on.
Download is here!


jinput01bReference example of design. You can easily design to match the atmosphere of your game.



  • You can use immediately just place one object in accordance with ReadMe
  • GamePad, JoyStick, KeyBoard, and Mouse can use same time
  • Freely assign, can get anomaly setting, e.g. JoyStick Axis to GetKeyUp
  • Script you write is in accordance with the Unity standard Input, so
        your learn so far can be used almost as it is
  • Configurable 1-4Players connect to the one game machine
  • Two versions of UI, made of UnityGUI and 3D Object
  • Written in C# and comes as full source code for you
  • Design makes easily, pour the font and texture and change the color
  • Save mapping data Not use PlayerPrefs in standalone, so Not use the Registry

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Support Forum
Of course you may ask a question and assess in the Forum before you get!



Release Notes

(Only major Update)
[Ver 1.6]
Added UI that made of UnityGUI version
[Ver 1.4]
Configurable 1-4Players connect to the one game machine
The mandatory GameObject is generated automatically at Play the scene
[Ver 1.3]
Really easy basic setting operation
[Ver 1.2]
To automate the setup when import
[Ver 1.1]
Lighten processing
Simplification of management
[Apr.01-2014 Publication]